Atlantic Music Center is the exclusive representative for Bösendorfer pianos in Florida and an authorized retailer for Yamaha, Roland, Schimmel, and Baldwin pianos. With 30 years in business, Atlantic Music Center is also proud to operate the largest rebuilding shop in the Southeast U.S. with fully-reconditioned pre-owned acoustic and digital pianos from top brands of the past and present, including Steinway, Baldwin, and coveted European manufacturers. Browse our wide selection online or call to be helped by one of our knowledgeable sales staff made up exclusively of accomplished pianists.

We are piano service experts specializing in Acoustic Pianos. We provide professional piano tuning, piano moving, piano repair, and piano rebuilding.

A Message From Our Founder, Former Concert Pianist Brian Gatchell

A Message From Our Founder, Former Concert Pianist Brian Gatchell



Legendary acoustic pianos handcrafted in Austria by expert craftsmen whose traditional Viennese skills have been painstakingly passed down from generation to generation.

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With the Yamaha tradition of piano crafting, this comprehensive line of premium grand pianos is beautifully made with an exquisite tone across the entire dynamic range.

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Roland Pianos are at the forefront of piano technology with models designed to appeal to beginning students as well a the most demanding of concert pianists.

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Baldwin Pianos has long been a trusted brand among pianists the world over. We are proud to provide new, authentic pre-owned, and rebuilt American-made Baldwins to our customers.

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Atlantic Music offers new and pre-owned premium pianos from all over the world in many styles.


Grand Pianos

The piano is widely employed in classical, jazz, traditional, and popular music for solo and ensemble performances, accompaniment, and for composing, songwriting and rehearsals. Its musical versatility and its wide availability in performance venues, schools, and rehearsal spaces have made it one of the Western world's most familiar musical instruments.

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Upright Pianos

Upright pianos, also called vertical pianos, are more compact because the frame and strings are vertical. Upright pianos are generally less expensive than grand pianos. Upright pianos are widely used in churches, community centers, schools, music conservatories, and university music programs as rehearsal and practice instruments, and they are popular models for in-home purchase.

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Digital Pianos

Electronic pianos are non-acoustic; they do not have strings, tines or hammers, but are a type of synthesizer that simulates or imitates the piano sounds of an acoustic piano. Digital pianos can include sustain pedals, weighted keys, multiple voice options, and MIDI interfaces.  Digital sound has greatly improved and if you haven't explored the possibilities, please visit our showroom.

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