Atlantic Music is extremely proud of the pianos we import and distribute. In addition, our experienced, professional technical staff provides concert-level preparation, as well as rebuilt pianos meeting the highest standards.

We are the exclusive representative for Bösendorfer pianos in Florida and an authorized retailer for Yamaha, Roland, and Baldwin pianos. With 30 years in business, Atlantic Music Center is also proud to operate the largest rebuilding shop in the Southeast U.S. with fully-reconditioned pre-owned acoustic and digital pianos from top brands of the past and present, including Steinway, Baldwin, and coveted European manufacturers.

We offer a large selection of grand pianos, baby grands, uprights, and art case pianos of professional quality. All our pianos, including our extensive group of student level pianos, are serviced by our highly trained technicians.

Piano services we provide include complete restoration, re-stringing, regulation, voicing and refinishing. Other services include player piano installations, in-home tuning and piano moving. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to ensuring you receive only the highest quality instrument service!

“Since our founding, Atlantic Music Center has worked closely with the importation and distribution of hand-crafted, limited edition, new and pre-owned premium pianos from Europe’s most renowned manufacturers.”

Since our founding, Atlantic Music Center has worked closely with the importation and distribution of hand-crafted, limited edition, new and pre-owned premium pianos from Europe’s most renowned manufacturers. They include Steingraeber, Feurich, Pleyel, Blüthner, Bechstein, and Bösendorfer. These pianos are among the finest made worldwide. They are also the oldest, most well respected piano manufacturers in the world, many of which were established in the early 1800’s.

The magnificent quality with which these hand-crafted instruments are manufactured in terms of both materials and workmanship set them in a class of their own and distinguish them from the mass-produced “production” pianos made by today’s larger factories. Europe is the birthplace of the piano which celebrated its 300th anniversary of invention in 2000 and these venerable piano companies pioneered the piano’s invention and development.

These were the pianos of the immortals…the great classical composers and piano virtuosos personally endorsed, owned and performed on the pianos of Feurich, Steingraeber, Blüthner, Bechstein, Bösendorfer, Steinway… and these companies are bestowed with a pride, heritage, and tradition not often found in today’s corporate world.

German pianos are manufactured with the old-world tradition of employing the finest quality hand-craftsmanship and building with the finest woods, felts, and other materials available. This combination of impeccable quality in design, materials and craftsmanship result in superior instruments possessing a beautiful, lush, rich tone producing pianos capable of conveying the deepest emotions and gratifying the performer with unmatched performance..

Atlantic Music Center is the largest piano rebuilder in Florida specializing in Steinway, Baldwin, and fine German brands.

Our technicians have received training from Yamaha, Steinway, Wilh. Steinberg, Steingraeber, and Feurich.

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Brian Gatchell, president of Atlantic Music Center, is a classically trained concert artist and has performed extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada with several recordings to his credit. Brian holds a Master’s Degree in piano performance and was professor of piano at Heidelberg College for 10 years. Brian has years of experience, knowledge, and understanding of the piano industry and has been a global wholesaler/retailer of fine pianos for over 25 years.



Marketing Coordinator

Connor coordinates AMC’s marketing communications and is the go-to contact for our institutional customers. A pianist himself, he is diligent to find the right solution for each customer’s unique needs.



Office Manager

Crystal Shughart handles the logistical and administrative needs of our day to day business. With a passion for art and design, Crystal brings an inventive spark to our office along with her organizational expertise.



Piano Technician

Keith served as the head of Baldwin’s technical services at their home manufacturing plant in Arkansas prior to the discontinuation is U.S. production. He is an expert with many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge for our aspiring technicians.



Piano Technician

Stoney Copelin is a master technician who has studied under techs from some of the best piano manufacturers worldwide, including Steingraeber & Sohne, Feurich, Kawai, Baldwin, and Wilh. Steinberg. Click here to visit his site.



Piano Technician & Logistics

Jesse Lewis handles all of our piano moving needs and helps with in-house piano repair and rebuilding. As a lifelong pianist, Jesse brings a special awareness to his work and ensures his team handles every piano with the utmost care.



Player Piano Installs

As a longtime independent contractor, Larry is uniquely qualified to handle our player installs. He has installed dozens of player systems for many happy customers over the years while taking great care to minimize modifications to their priceless instruments.



Shop Technician

One of the newest members of our team, Nick works in store performing piano regulation and technical services. He is also a valuable member of our piano moving crew and is progressing fast in all areas under the watchful eye of our expert technicians.



Shop Technician

Jamie is a lifelong musician and music educator. With a Ph.D. in musicology from the University of Toronto, Jamie spends the free moments between her busy composition and performance schedule in our rebuilding shop hanging piano hammers.



Facilities Manager

Cathy manages our showroom and shop facilities and keeps every piano on our floor well maintained and ready for prospective clients. Cathy is instrumental behind the scenes ensuring our showroom is a welcome environment for visiting pianists.