Baldwin Pianos has long been a trusted brand among pianists the world over.  A staple of quality American manufacturing prowess, Baldwin attracted a wide range of artists during their heyday including Dave Brubeck, Leonard Bernstein, and Ray Charles.  Atlantic Music Center was founded by onetime Baldwin concert pianist, Brian Gatchell, and we are proud to provide authentic pre-owned and rebuilt American-made Baldwins to our customers.

Atlantic Music Center is celebrating our 30th year. And we only have our customers to thank! While browsing our inventory look for this 30 Year Anniversary symbol. Any piano with the 30 Year Anniversary symbol is 30% OFF our already low price. Please call at (321) 725-5690 to speak to a sales representative.

Restored American Baldwins

With a staff including a previous baldwin concert artist and the onetime head of Baldwin's technical services, our pre-owned and rebuilt Baldwin pianos are among the finest in the world. We take great care to regulate, voice, and restore every Baldwin on our showroom floor to it's original, legendary glory.

New Baldwin Pianos

Baldwin pianos is now owned by the renowned American guitar manufacturer, Gibson. Manufacturing takes place overseas with upright pianos produced at the Gibson owned factory in China. Among pianos in their price point Baldwin offers exceptional value with some exact replicas of their original American designs.

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Baldwin Piano Technician

Keith formerly served as the head of Baldwin’s technical services and quality control at their home manufacturing plant in Arkansas prior to the discontinuation of U.S. production. He is an expert in his craft and brings many years of experience to our rebuilding shop. Keith is meticulous in his craft and ensures that every Baldwin piano sold meets rigid tone and regulation standards before being shown on our floor.


Baldwin Pianos

“America’s Favorite Piano…” Established in 1862, Baldwin pianos quickly became one of the larger American piano makers. Many notable performers have preferred Baldwins during their careers, including Igor Stravinsky, Leonard Bernstein, and Ray Charles. Their primary manufacturing plants were located in Mississippi and Arkansas.

In 1862 Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, an accomplished music teacher, opened his first music store in Cincinnati, Ohio. In his quest to create the ‘perfect piano,’ along with inventor John W. Macy, in 1891 they created the first Baldwin piano. The Baldwin Piano company went on to become the largest manufacturer of pianos in the United States. ‘America’s favorite piano’ certainly was more than a slogan when referring the vision of this man and his company. Artists worldwide have enjoyed the concert stage as well as the recording studio with fine Baldwin pianos. It has found its way to the White House more than once.

“America’s Favorite Piano”

But just as important, Baldwin was recognized as the piano that people could have at home without ‘breaking the bank’. The company coined the ‘5 T’ creed in the middle of the last century, bringing their vision for Tone, Touch, Tuning Stability, Timeliness, and Tradition. Technology developed for the transfer of sound from the strings to the soundboard in Baldwin pianos has been state of the art and is a continued challenge by competitors to try to duplicate even to this day.

A few years ago, one of our staff members met with Henry Z. Steinway in New York City. He was the last remaining family member that worked for Steinway. During lunch at the Green Café, next to the old Steinway Hall on 57th Street, he mentioned something profound– that Baldwin was always his true competitor. Coming from him, that certainly says something in the piano world.

In November of 2001, Gibson Guitar Company bought the Baldwin brand and assets. The new Baldwin pianos are now manufactured in China.

Atlantic Music has rebuilt and restored many pre Gibson American made Baldwin pianos. They are still a favorite piano! When we work on these pianos we are reminded once again of why they are such great musical instruments. The ‘5 T’ philosophy is alive and well here! The time we spend bringing them back to their original glory is worth every penny we spend to do so.

Atlantic Music Center actively searches and is on a continual quest to find more of these American favorites and bring them back to brilliance. We always maintain a superb collection of these instruments in stock. You are certainly invited to come and listen, and play. Remember, we ship worldwide.

Shop Staff



Brian Gatchell, president of Atlantic Music Center, is a classically trained concert artist and has performed extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada with several recordings to his credit. Brian holds a Master’s Degree in piano performance and was professor of piano at Heidelberg College for 10 years. Brian has years of experience, knowledge, and understanding of the piano industry and has been a global wholesaler/retailer of fine pianos for over 25 years.



Piano Technician

Keith served as the head of Baldwin’s technical services at their home manufacturing plant in Arkansas prior to the discontinuation of U.S. production. He is an expert with many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge for our aspiring technicians.



Piano Technician

Stoney Copelin is a master technician who has studied under techs from some of the best piano manufacturers worldwide, including Steingraeber & Sohne, Feurich, Kawai, Baldwin, and Wilh. Steinberg. Click here to visit his site.



Piano Technician & Logistics

Jesse Lewis handles all of our piano moving needs and helps with in-house piano repair and rebuilding. As a lifelong pianist, Jesse brings a special awareness to his work and ensures his team handles every piano with the utmost care.



Technician Apprentice

One of the newest members of our team, Nick works in store performing piano regulation and technical services. He is also a valuable member of our piano moving crew and is progressing fast in all areas under the watchful eye of our expert technicians.



Player Piano Installs

As a longtime independent contractor, Larry is uniquely qualified to handle our player installs. He has installed dozens of player systems for many happy customers over the years while taking great care to minimize modifications to their priceless instruments.



Piano Technician Assistant

Jamie is a lifelong musician and music educator. With a Ph.D. in musicology from the University of Toronto, Jamie spends the free moments between her busy composition and performance schedule in our rebuilding shop hanging piano hammers.

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