Earthworks Piano Mic

The Invisible Piano Microphone System


No microphone stands or mic booms in front of the piano.
Perfect sound with the piano lid either up or down.

The Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

The integrated piano microphone system is based on two omnidirectional microphones with a frequency response from 9Hz to 40kHz — with incredible impulse response and very short diaphragm settling time. When these microphones are placed inside a piano they pick up vibrations from every string, from the soundboard, and from the sides and the lid of the piano.
  • High Definition Piano Microphones
  • Invisible from the Outside of the Piano
  • Superb Sound with Piano Lid Up or Down
  • Incredible Gain Before Feedback
  • Virtually No Leakage from Surrounding Instruments

"The sound quality and the incredible amount of gain before feedback is astounding.  The Earthworks PianoMic System is absolutely stunning!"

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