Baldwin BP165

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A grand piano naturally becomes the focal point of any room, and if your space is limited, you’ll want to fill it with the finest piano built. The Baldwin BP165 is the best in its class.


MAKE: Baldwin
LENGTH: 5’ – 5”
SERIAL#: 02169
FINISH: High Polish Ebony/Silver Plate

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Please call us at (321) 725-5690 to speak to a sales representative.

Classic design, handcrafted features to last you a lifetime

The BP165 is a small to mid-sized grand styled to fit where a larger grand might overwhelm the space while being equipped to deliver a world-class tone in the process. At 5’5″ in length, the BP165 is easily at home in a room where a full-sized grand just won’t work, but its more compact dimensions never equate to a diminutive sound.

This grand easily delivers the sweet, singing tone you’d expect from a much larger instrument while retaining the full visual impact of having a legendary Baldwin grand piano in your living space.

•            Dimensions: 40″ height x 59″ width x 5’5″ length
•            Hammers: Abel of Germany
•            Strings: High-grade music wire from Roslau
•            Speaking Length: 48″
•            Soundboard: Solid Alaskan Sitka Spruce
•            Soundboard Area: Sq. In. 1,900
•            Bridge Material: Hard Maple
•            Bridge Design: Precision Notched by Hand
•            Ribs: 11, Solid Alaskan Sitka Spruce
•            Action Material: Maple and Hornbeam
•            Key Material: Solid Alaskan Sitka Spruce & Ebony Sharp Keys
•            KeyBed: Multi-laminated Birch and Spruce
•            Pedals: 3 Solid Brass
•            Fallboard: Slow-Close Fallboard (imported hydraulic)
•            Rim Design: Hard Maple
•            Plate: Cast iron sand cast (Duplex Scale)
•            Pinblock Material: 17-ply Laminated Hard Maple
•            Tuning Pins: Nickel-plated steel, cut thread
•            Warranty: 10 years, parts and labor