Baldwin Hamilton


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Finish: Walnut

The Baldwin Hamilton Studio Piano was first introduced in 1939 and has become Baldwin’s best-selling studio model of all time with nearly 500,000 units sold worldwide.  The Hamilton piano was designed and built to stand up to the rugged demands of a school, studio, or any institutional setting. It has been a favorite piano model among home pianists, teachers, public school systems, college music departments and houses of worships for many years.

Known for its combination of playability and durability, Hamilton pianos offered quality and efficiency in an extremely well-built instrument designed to last for generations.  It is highly regarded by piano technicians worldwide for its unmatched tuning stability which is due in part to the use of a multi-ply pinblock constructed from premium hard rock maple, a variation of the one from Baldwin’s legendary grand pianos.

At 45″ tall, the Hamilton is able to accommodate a larger soundboard than most studio pianos, and therefore benefits from a full, powerful sound. Its longer string length (equivalent to a 5’8″ grand piano) is enhanced by the purity and balance of 100% virgin wool hammers. Baldwin used many of the same premium tonewoods and components that are employed in its top-of-the-line professional pianos, including a spruce soundboard, solid two-ply beech and hard maple bridge, spruce ribs and back frame, and a 19 ply hard maple pinblock. Baldwin’s Full Blow Direct Action contributes to a superior feel and response, for an extremely expressive playing experience.

Although most Baldwin Hamilton pianos were manufactured and sold in unadorned traditional cabinets for institutional use, the piano was also available in designer cases and popular furniture styles to match the décor of homes and more upscale settings.