Bechstein Grand Piano



Bechstein Grand Piano

YEAR: 1874
SERIAL#: 7698
FINISH: Polished Ebony
PRICE: $15,800

Among one of the most coveted pianos in the world, Bechstein has enjoyed a reputation as one of the top pianos makers in the market for over a century. Founded in 1853 by piano maker Carl Bechstein in Berlin, Germany, Bechstein is one of the few European brands to still be producing in their home country (with the exception of some lesser lines). Bechstein’s have been the favored instruments of many of the greatest pianos of the past and present, including Franz Liszt, Claude Debussy, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Queen, and many more.

This antique Bechstein has seen restoration work including a complete refinishing in polished ebony, new strings, and replaced hammers. It features beautiful art case typical with pianos from that era and will delight a casual player with an eye for beauty.