Bösendorfer 170 CS

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Bösendorfer Piano – 170 Conservatory Series

Size: 5’- 8″

Finish:  Satin Ebony

Made in:  Vienna, Austria

Condition: New

In Stock on our Florida Showroom
Please call us at (321) 725-5690 to speak to a sales representative


Conservatory Series

Bösendorfer originally designed the Conservatory Series for colleges and universities as an option to Bösendorfer’s standard black-model pianos. The production of the CS Series pianos spends less time in “non-critical areas”, cutting down costs of production and purchase, making them more affordable than standard models. The cases and frames are of satin finish, rather than polished.  The model 170 CS offers an incredible value not only for institutions, but also for professional artists considering the purchase of a premium quality Bösendorfer piano for their home or studio.

Ludwig Bösendorfer drew the first sketches of the Grand Piano 170 for the highly-cultured salon society of Imperial Vienna in 1908.  More than a century later, Ludwig Bösendorfer’s vision and grand heritage lives on in this Conservatory Series model 170.  A true Bösendorfer Sound experience with more than a century of music’s history.


  • Bösendorfer, one of the oldest piano manufacturers, was established in 1828 by Ignaz Bösendorfer. It has a long and illustrious history of producing highly respected instruments.
  • Today Bösendorfer continues to make handcrafted pianos in the same Vienna factory. Almost 300 of these premium pianos are made each year.
  • The Bösendorfer sound is usually described as slightly darker and richer than the less full-bodied sound of most other pianos.
  • The rim of a Bösendorfer grand piano is built quite differently from that of all other grands. Instead of veneers bent around a form, the rim is made in solid sections of spruce and jointed together. Spruce is better at transmitting sound than reflecting it.
  • Austrian high-altitude solid spruce pre-crowned soundboard
  • Maple & red beech pin block with walnut veneer top
  • Traditional cast iron plate
  • High tension independent capo bar construction
  • Solid red beech and spruce rim pieced together
  • Hand wound single looped strings
  • Hand-notched bridges
  • Renner underfelted “orange” hammers
  • Spruce keys
  • 10 Year parts and labor warranty