Bösendorfer 200



Bösendorfer 200

YEAR: 1979
SERIAL#: 33327
FINISH: Polished Ebony

One of the most highly esteemed piano manufacturers in the world, Bösendorfer pianos are revered for their luxurious tone with a rich bass and clear treble. Since the company’s founding in 1828 Bösendorfer pianos have continued to be hand manufactured in Vienna, Austria. The list of artists known to play on Bösendorfer is extensive with great names from many genres, including Franz Liszt and Oscar Peterson.

“For more than half a century, this Bösendorfer Grand has been one of our most popular models ever. Its sound and dynamics unfold effortlessly in a concert as well as in your living room. The excellent action provides sensitive controllability and translates the artist’s intention to energetic expression” (Bosendorfer).

With all the unique sound of Bosendorfer, including a deep base, violin-like melodic response, and extraordinary sustain, this pre-owned model 200 is a beautiful instrument. With minor tuning and regulation here at Atlantic Music Center this instrument is sure to impress even the most discerning of pianists. It is in excellent condition