Bösendorfer 200 CS


Bösendorfer Grand Piano – 200 CS  (Conservatory Series)

LENGTH:  Grand Piano 200 (6’7″)
FINISH:  Satin Ebony
PRICE:  NEW (can be custom-ordered, please call 725-5690)

Half a Century of Inspiration

For more than half a century, this Bösendorfer Grand has been one of our most popular models ever.
Its sound and dynamics unfold effortlessly in a concert as well as in your living room.
The excellent action provides sensitive control-ability and translates the artist’s intention to energetic expression.
Finest musical nuances, warm sonorous bass and bright colors’ play resonate in timeless worlds of sound created by the artist.
The audience is immersed in this universe joyfully musing about the vast variety of interpretations and genres heard.

Those who desire to learn an art properly should use the best materials from the very beginning. Only with a top instrument built for the highest demands and brilliant virtuosity is it possible to develop and realize technical skills and artistic subtleties. From this idea Bösendorfer created something special: the Conservatory Series grand pianos. To offer young talents, conservatories and music schools a more economical option, we have simplified two of our grand pianos, but only in non-critical areas, that do not affect the sound. The instruments of this series are available in the sizes 214 and 200 (185 and 170 only available in USA). Superb sound and construction combined with moderate prices. The owner of a grand piano of the Conservatory Series can enjoy an instrument that meets all the necessary requirements for a successful career.

A moment of pure inspiration.

Resonance case technology and solid spruce rim construction for advanced projection
Independent Capo d’Astro for perfect adjustment in the descant registry
Sophisticated processing of European raw materials exclusively
Resonance body out of Austrian tone wood spruce
Hand spun Bösendorfer bass strings
Handcrafted in Austria
Single stringing
3 pedals