Everett Baby Grand


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Everett Baby Grand

SERIAL#: DG07199
FINISH: Polished Ebony

This piano has the classic high-gloss black finish and gentle curves that suit it to almost any home decor and a sound that makes it a good candidate for a professional studio. In fact, its previous owner was a local music director who kept it in great condition.

The fundamental pitches on this instrument are clear and consistent throughout registers, so there are no awkward overtones that ring disproportionately anywhere. The bass register has a strength and a growling quality reminiscent of a larger Baldwin or Steinway and the tenor and treble registers have a uniformly bell-like quality.

Over-all, we find this piano to be pleasant under the fingers. The keys have a medium-light touch with a quick rebound that is a little stronger than some other models, but it is not overly springy. A professional would be pleased with this action and a beginner would be able to develop good technique and touch.