Bösendorfer 200 Jean Cocteau


Bösendorfer 200 Jean Cocteau Edition

LENGTH: 6’7″
FINISHES: High-polish White

Call for Special Pricing

Jean Cocteau ( 1889-1963 ) was a French writer, designer, playwright, artist, and filmmaker. He was a contemporary of Picasso and had working associations with many world-famous artists and musicians like Igor Stravinsky and Erik Satie.   This Collector’s Grand is a model size 200 and is one of a limited series of only 12 pianos.

The Menton Music festival is the oldest and one of the most prestigious music festivals in Europe. Piano music is featured significantly at the festival with, both, outdoor concerts in the wonderful medieval town square, and indoor concerts inside the exciting ultra-modern Museum Jean Cocteau that houses the Severin Wunderman collection. In recent years the Museum concerts have been performed on a Bösendorfer so it was a perfect fit to craft a Collector’s Bösendorfer “Cocteau” Grand.