Kawai GS100


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Kawai GS100

YEAR: 1985
LENGTH: 9’ (276cm)
SERIAL#: 1563230
FINISH: Satin Ebony

The 9-foot GS-100 is a Concert Grand of surpassing tone and character with a delicate ultra-responsive touch, a marvelous singing tone, and the forceful power that one would expect for an instrument designed for the concert stage.

This instrument has a beautiful, long sustain, particularly in the bass. Despite its size and power, this Kawai GS-100 boasts a mellow timbre in all registers with great clarity and sings pianissimo beautifully; you can just gently lay down your finger and the sound comes forth in a full, rich tone.

This piano has been carefully regulated in our shop for concert specs and is an instrument worthy of the finest concert hall. The touch is medium light and the action is very responsive, both features that are characteristic of Kawai’s reputation for quality. On a good concert grand like this one, the longer keys enhance the response of the action, the longer strings contribute to a richer sound, especially in the bass and the scaling can achieve a more seamless sound across all the registers of the instrument.

This Kawai GS-100 would make an excellent concert or practice concert piano, and is also perfectly suited for educational institution uses, or for use as a church piano.

Precision-crafted by the master builders at Kawai’s renowned Ryuyo Grand Piano Facility, the 9-foot GS-100 is a Concert Grand of surpassing tone and character. Koichi Kawai started out as an integral member of Yamaha’s founding team helping the fledgling company introduce their first pianos in the early 20th century. Kawai went on to form his own company following a change in Yamaha’s leadership. Kawai instruments continue to hold to the high standards of Japanese quality.