Kawai KG-5C



Kawai KG-5C

YEAR: 1973
SERIAL#: 69908
FINISH: Polished Ebony

Koichi Kawai started out as an integral member of Yamaha’s founding team helping the fledgling company introduce their first pianos in the early 20th century. Kawai went on to form his own company following a change in Yamaha’s leadership. Kawai instruments continue to hold to the high standards of Japanese quality.

Kawai has always been known as the manufacturer of innovation. They have been on the forefront developing action parts with high tech materials.  Most notably the ABS Styran and Carbon Fiber components that increase the strength, speed, power and control in Kawai pianos. The KG series is well regarded among pianists for its superior manufacturing and sound quality.

This piano is equipped with a wireless QRS player system, allowing for playback and control from any smart device! With a broad library of music available on the internet, there will always be something new to enjoy. Let this piano play for you!