Kimball Petite Grand


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Kimball Petite Grand

FINISH: Satin Ebony

Building pianos primarily for homes, Kimball was at one time the second largest piano manufacturer in the Unites States and the owner of the renowned Austrian piano maker, Bösendorfer. They existed during the “Golden Age” period of piano manufacturing when there were hundreds of makers working nearly door to door in the New York and Chicago areas. Much like the “Silicon Valley” of today, this proximity allowed for techniques and materials to be traded with ease and greatly contributed to the spread of quality production techniques and the advancement of our modern instrument.

An excellent, budget friendly choice for the space conscious or home decorator, this piano has a beautiful cabinet that has seen refinishing work in its recent past. In addition to its stunning look, our technicians have regulated, tuned, and voiced this piano to optimum performance. Petite brands can offer the best of both worlds for those who admire the aesthetic of a grand but are limited on space. This petite grand is sure to please.