Mason & Hamlin A


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Mason & Hamlin A

YEAR: 1908
SERIAL#: 70010
FINISH: Satin Mahogany

This piano has a strong presence of tone and lasting sustain. A unique example of American craftsmanship, the antique case is perfect for the home decorator as well as the practicing pianist. Magnificent projection, excellent playability, and distinctive styling all in one package, this Model A is an impressive find.

Mason & Hamlin are one of the few surviving great American piano manufacturers having earned their reputation for consistent, quality manufacturing in 3 centuries. Established in 1854 by Henry Mason and Emmons Hamlin in Boston, Massachusetts, Mason & Hamlin has changed hands and manufacturing locations several times during its history starting in the 1930s when it was purchased by the Aeolian company and production moved to NY. The maker has since returned to MA with new owners and continues to make quality instruments to this day.