Schimmel K280


Schimmel K280

FINISHES: Polished Ebony

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This 9-foot grand is designed to impress from the concert stage.  It has the power and agility professional artists demand and is as comfortable in front of an orchestra as it is solo.  Its beautiful case in polished ebony has a classic concert piano look with universal appeal.  For those fortunate enough to see this piano up close, however, the woodgrain of its ebony keys is a gorgeous feature.

We play-tested this piano in our showroom and found its powerful, growling lower bass register reminiscent of a classic Steinway concert grand, but whereas Steinways can sometimes lack resonance in the mid-treble register, this Schimmel’s treble sings with sparkling clarity all the way to the top.  Its action is smooth and lightning fast and we would characterize its touch as medium-light.

Although they do not affect the sound, we found the large locking casters on the legs to be a noteworthy feature because they make this large piano easy to maneuver anywhere on or off the stage


Features include:

  • Konzert grand piano action
  • Enlarged soundboard
  • The ideal soundboard wood – exclusive to Schimmel
  • Full size concert grand piano scale
  • Triplex Scale
  • Key tops made of mineral material and ebony wood
  • Dynamic bar
  • Mass reduced bridge
  • Adjustable gliders
  • Most highly awarded