Schimmel W118

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Wilhelm Schimmel W118 Upright Piano

YEAR: Brand New
SERIAL: #19217
FINISH: High-Polished Ebony
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Schimmel is a well-known and very highly regarded German piano manufacturer. Their grand and upright pianos are handcrafted according to a tradition of craftsmanship handed down over generations – with loving attention to every detail.

The Wilhelm Schimmel W118T is the larger of two sizes available in the extremely popular Wilhelm Schimmel Series of upright pianos. These solidly constructed upper mid-range instruments are designed and produced in Germany and assembled in Poland by Schimmel. The Wilhelm Schimmel W118T represents an excellent European built alternative to popular Japanese models offered by Yamaha, Kawai, and others.

Schimmel designs and manufactures parts and components for the W. Schimmel line of pianos in Germany where they are then sent to Poland for assembly. These pianos then return to Germany where every single Wilhelm Schimmel piano is hand finished, tuned toned, and regulated in Schimmel’s state of the art factory in Braunschweig, Germany.

As the larger upright model in the range, the Wilhelm Schimmel W118T boasts a fuller tone and great range of projection over its little brother, the W114T, and would be the ideal instrument for anybody learning to play who wants a well-built European piano to grow into, and an excellent choice for the more advanced player who is upgrading from either a smaller or lower grade piano.

This instrument offers excellent value and features the classic warm Schimmel tone which is rich and balanced, and the action is fluid and easy to play. The quality of both materials and workmanship are excellent, featuring high grade materials, soundboard, and premium German strings.

• This piano is also available with the highly regarded Schimmel ‘Twin Tone’ system, which features an optional extra ‘silent play’ system which allows the player to mute the acoustic operation of the piano and engage digital sampled sounds which can be heard through headphones, all without losing the touch and weight of a real action.

• As with most Schimmel upright and grand pianos, the W118T is available in a wide variety of different finishes and colors, including High Polished Ebony (gloss black), High Polished White (gloss white) as well as various gloss and satinwood finishes such as High Polished Mahogany.

Atlantic Music Center is the exclusive authorized Schimmel piano dealer for the State of Florida and we proudly display pre-owned and brand-new Schimmel grand pianos on our showroom floor. Schimmel has been a pioneer in the use of CAD (Computer Aided Design) in their production alongside specialized hand-craftsmanship. Their pianos are known for their precision and consistency and prized for the quality of their tone and their powerful rich sound.