Schumann G80A Grand Piano


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Year: 1987
Length: 5′
Finish: Polished Ebony
Serial #: 8704360

In Stock on our Florida Showroom
Our Price: $5,950.00
Please call us at (321) 725-5690 to speak to a sales representative.

This Schumann 5’ baby grand (manufactured by the Samick Piano Company) is an ideal starter piano for adult enthusiast or student who is looking for grand piano performance at an upright piano price.

Due to its small size (5’-0”) it will fit diagonally into a corner of a room with little to no more floor space than a small vertical piano would require.  This makes it an excellent choice for small spaces where the touch and sound a baby grand is desired over a vertical.

Pianos are beautiful instruments, and this Schumann Baby Grand would be a splendid addition to the décor of any room, but this piano has much more to offer than beauty alone.  Despite its small size (only 5’-0” in length) it has a respectable bass and crisp clear sound lacking in many pianos of this size.  The feel of the keyboard if perfect for those that prefer a medium to heavier action.

This piano is in immaculate condition.  Every indication suggests that it was purchased to enhance the décor of a room but never used.  The strings, dampers, and hammers look as though they are brand new and there no scratches, scuffing, or damage to the finish.  The piano has been inspected, detailed, tuned by our shop, and it comes with matching bench.