Steinway B


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Steinway B Grand Piano

YEAR: 1979
LENGTH: 6’-10.5”
SERIAL#: 463918
FINISH: Satin Ebony

Made in USA

This is a great sounding Model B and an excellent choice for those looking for an instrument capable of producing incredible tonal range and dynamics, great clarity in the mid-range, and the responsiveness of the Steinway accelerated action.  The Steinway Model B is considered to be one of the finest pianos in the 7’ range that has ever been produced, and in many ways is the benchmark that most modern pianos have been judged by for over a century.

Introduced in 1878 as The Model B ‘Music Room Grand’ with an 85 note keyboard, the first 88 note was manufactured in New York in 1891.  Production of the Model B in Hamburg, Germany began in 1897.  The Model B measures 6’11” in length, 58″ in width, and weighs well over 700 pounds.  Much of the distinctive sound of the Model B can be attributed to the fact that the rim of the piano is constructed of hard rock maple and that both the inner and outer rims are constructed and formed together.

The Model B continues in regular production at both the New York and Hamburg Steinway factories and remains one of the favorite pianos for countless high-level artists throughout the world.

This particular instrument is in excellent condition, has been well-maintained, and requires no rebuilding or other reconditioning.  The original traditional satin ebony finish is in great condition as well as the keytops, pedals, and other case components. The whippens have been replaced with a new carbon fiber type. The artist bench is included. The action is a pleasure to perform on, and the piano has been voiced to perfection.  The Steinway Model B compares most favorably to other fine hand-crafted pianos such as the Bosendorfer 214, the C. Bechstein B212, and the Fazioli F212.  MSRP of a new Model B is $114,300.

If you are considering a serious piano for a recording studio, a fine instrument for home, church, or institution, this instrument deserves serious consideration.


  • 16 Ply laminated hard rock Maple rim
  • 4 Solid Spruce beams
  • Maple bridges with Maple cap
  • Hexagrip 7 ply laminated pin block
  • Solid quarter-sawn Spruce soundboard
  • Sugar pine ribs
  • Agraffe double duplex
  • Nickel-plated blued tuning pins
  • Steinway 16.5lb hammers
  • Hard rock Maple moldings and shanks
  • Swedish wire
  • Maple action parts
  • European Spruce keys individually balanced and weighted
  • Spruce plank keybed
  • Solid brass hardware
  • Birch and Poplar cabinet