Steinway MXR


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Year: 1926 (Rebuilt in 2016)
Length: 6’2
Finish: Walnut
Serial #: 245408

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This Art-Case (Jacobean Revival) Steinway & Sons piano from the 1920’s is truly a rare find and a work of art.

Originally built in 1926 with a Jacobian style furniture case, this Model XR (M) was built to accept one of the early mechanical player systems manufactured in the 1920’s. The obsolete player system was removed and the piano was restored about 5 years ago.  The action, dampers and strings were replaced with new Renner action parts, the hammers were replaced and voiced, and the action regulated for optimal performance.

All brass and metalwork has been replaced or polished to like-new condition, and the piano comes with the original matching bench which is both irreplaceable and rare to find when dealing with unique pianos like this one.

The action is a pleasure to perform upon and provides a responsive touch even for the most intricate of music.  The tone is deep and colorful, as you would expect from a Steinway from this ‘Golden Age’ of piano building prior to the Great Depression and WWII.  It has the clarity of tone and richness of a Steinway M and possesses all the hallmarks of an extremely well made piano.  The plate of the piano is signed by Frederick Theodore Steinway, President of Steinway from 1919-1927, and although the original owner is unknown, the piano was most likely purchased to adorn the music chamber or room of a very affluent home.

Although this piano plays and sounds great, it is the art-case cabinet of the piano that really stands out and makes this piano such a unique and rare find.  The American walnut veneers used by Steinway in the 1920’s are superb, and the craftsmanship employed to create the ornate spiral-twist legs and intricate hand carved designs which embellish both sides of the piano are noteworthy.  This piano is destined to become the centerpiece for a fine home, especially one that displays priceless antique and revival furnishings.

The case of this piano measures 6’-2”, but the actual scale of the piano is based on the Steinway Model M.  It is the artistic case, however, that truly sets this Model M apart from the others.  Steinway & Sons has been manufacturing the 5’-7” Model M for well over 100 years.  Introduced in 1911, the Model M was introduced as the “Studio Grand” for your home.  The Model M has become the most popular and best-selling grand pianos ever produced by Steinway & Sons.  First introduced through the company’s New York factory, the Model M is currently in regular production in both Queens and Hamburg, and the current list price of a Steinway M (MSRP) = $78,900.