Woodchester Concerto 122


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Woodchester Concerto 122

YEAR: 1999
HEIGHT: 48in
SERIAL#: 60210
FINISH: Satin Mahogany

Woodchester pianos are regrettably rare in our shop.  Made in England, they are known for beautiful cabinetry and a brilliant, sparkling clarity in their tone.  The action in this piano is smooth and consistent throughout its registers and its touch is medium heavy, but we especially like the way you can feel each pitch resonate in your fingertips as you play.  All pianos do this to some extent, but this Woodchester is particularly live and pleasing to the touch. The beautiful wood inlay in the cabinet front adds an extra element of hand-made English charm.

A short-lived revival of the historic Stroud piano tradition in Gloucestershire, the Woodchester company was in operation from 1994-2003 and made a number of award-winning upright pianos. Woodchester traced its lineage back to the early 1900s and made pianos by-hand.