Wurlitzer Butterfly

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Wurlitzer Butterfly Petite Grand Piano

YEAR: 1938
SERIAL#: 179903
FINISH: Satin Walnut

Wurlitzer’s family history can be traced back to violin makers of the early 17th Starting in the late 1880s Wurlitzer began manufacturing pianos in New York; gaining a reputation for consumer instruments and electronic jukeboxes. They existed during the “Golden Age” period of piano manufacturing when there were hundreds of makers working nearly door to door in the New York and Chicago areas. Much like the “Silicon Valley” of today, this proximity allowed for techniques and materials to be traded with ease and greatly contributed to the spread of quality production techniques and the advancement of our modern instrument.

This beautiful and very rare gem from yesteryear (cir.1938) arrived at our shop a few months ago. Our restoration crew recognized immediately its distinctive value and began to bring it back to life. This included restoring the soundboard and replacing the strings! This treasured 73-note ‘Mozart’ piano has a depth of 45 inches, so it will fit where many other grand pianos do not. Another great reason why this may be perfect for you. Though small, it will surprise you with its rich and warm tonality. Call soon— there is only one!