Yamaha C1X

Size: 5’3

Available Finishes: Polished Ebony, Satin Ebony, Polished Mahogany, Polished White

Available Options: Disklavier ENSTDisklavier E3SSILENT SHTransAcoustic TA

Please call for more information: (321) 725-5690


Superb balance and rich tone. Every inch of the compact CX Series instruments exudes Yamaha’s passion for the ideal piano.

Key Features

  • Seasoned for Destination provides peace of mind knowing that the piano was made specifically for use in the United States, thus eliminating the problems found in pianos not seasoned for this climate.
  • The V-Pro Plate ensures that the iron frame is stronger and will, as a result, further 
improve tuning stability.
  • Ivorite White Key Surfaces visually present the traditional image and performance characteristics touch real ivory.
  • Wood Process Composite (WPC) Black Key Surfaces have the same performance characteristics as ebony, such as moisture absorption, non-­slip resistance and hardness.
  • German Piano Wire is considered the finest wire in the world. This provides excellent sound and high durability.
  • German Hammer Felt produces the richest sound, whether playing softly or playing very loudly.
  • Soft-Close Fallboard provides peace of mind knowing that the possibility of physical harm from the fallboard closing, along with possible damage to the piano, has been eliminated.
  • Extruded Aluminum Alloy Action Rails are impervious to weather changes and solve the problems caused by wood rails.

Step Ups From Lower Model:

  • X-Series Scale
  • Ivorite White Key Surfaces
  • WPC Black Key Surfaces
  • Lid and Fallboard Lock
  • Vertically Laminated Treble Bridge
  • 3 Lid Prop positions
  • Lid Prop Safety Stop
  • German Piano Wire
  • German Hammer Felt
  • 13 lbs. heavier