Young Chang PG185


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Young Chang PG185 Baby Grand

YEAR: 2002
SERIAL#: 132618
FINISH: Polished Ebony

In Stock on our Florida Showroom
Our Price: $8,450.00
Please call us at (321) 725-5690 to speak to a sales representative.

We received this piano in excellent condition.  It is a great-sounding mid-sized grand (6’-1”) and has seen very little use.  Considering the power and tone that this piano has, it compares favorably to higher-priced pianos like the Yamaha C3 and Kawai Model KG3.  Young Chang PG 185 pianos have always been considered to be more than just a decent piano at a decent price.  They have a reputation for being “workhorses”, suitable for both home and institutional use.  We invested some time in regulation/voicing and this turned out to be an outstanding piano that we can offer for far less than the aforementioned models; an incredible value for the price.

The Young Chang Model 185 PG represents one of the best series of pianos ever built by the company.  The PG series (a huge improvement from the G series) was designed by Joseph Pramberger, a former vice president from Steinway & Sons (head of manufacturing) and an experienced piano designer, who joined the company in 1995.

Pramberger brought many innovations to piano design, and he incorporated many of the design features of Steinway pianos in his redesign of these Pramberger pianos.  His contributions include the “Platinum Touch Action” and the patented asymmetrically tapered soundboard. Joseph Pramberger died in 2003, but his patents and innovations are still exclusive to Young Chang.

Young Chang is a South Korean manufacturer of pianos and industrial wood working machinery. The company was founded in 1956 as a distributor of Yamaha pianos for Korea and other parts of Asia. Young Chang currently holds 50% of the South Korean piano market and is among the largest and most automated of the world’s piano manufacturers.