Baldwin L

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Baldwin Model L
Grand Piano


MAKE: Baldwin
  1979 (Made in USA)
Used (Reconditioned)
 Satin American Walnut



Here is an excellent example of a vintage 1979 Baldwin Model L (6’3″) Grand Piano, American-built in a gorgeous American walnut case in traditional satin finish with matching bench.  This well cared for piano is in original condition and needed very little work other than voicing of hammers and regulation of the action.  It has been thoroughly inspected, detailed, tuned, and serviced by our shop.  Other than a few minor blemishes, the case is in very fine condition.  This piano in endowed with that famous thunderous Baldwin bass, big American sound, and clear bell-like tone in the treble end that these fine pianos are known for.  Pianos like this one in original condition are hard to find and offer one of the best values when searching for a quality vintage hand-crafted piano.

Baldwin designed and manufactured first-class pianos for many years.  It once was the largest US-based manufacturer of keyboard instruments and known by the slogan, “America’s Favorite Piano”.  Their best and most popular models once included the Model SF-10 and the Model M, as well as L grand pianos. These superior quality pianos have been a first choice for scores of serious musicians, teachers, and students for over a century.  During the company’s peak they were second only to Steinway & Sons in the number of artists on their roster.

Vintage Baldwin pianos continue to be highly respected and prized by pianists the world over.  Properly maintained, rebuilt, and restored Baldwin Grands (Models: M, R, L, SF and SD) that were once manufactured in the USA are known for their quality and superior design.  These instruments maintain their value over time and provide a touch and tone that only a true Baldwin can deliver.

Baldwin ceased most domestic production in December 2008, and the company now manufactures instruments different than the venerable models that were once manufactured in the USA.

Atlantic Music Center is an authorized representative of Baldwin Pianos.  We sell and service new, used, and rebuilt Baldwin Pianos.  With a staff including a previous Baldwin concert artist and the onetime head of Baldwin’s technical services, our pre-owned and rebuilt Baldwin pianos are among the finest in the world. We take great care to regulate, voice, and restore every Baldwin on our showroom floor to its original, legendary glory.