Bosendorfer 1885

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Bösendorfer 1885 Grand Piano

MAKE: Bösendorfer
MODEL: 168 cm
SIZE: 5’6” Baby Grand
YEAR: 1885 (Made in Vienna, Austria)
CONDITION: Used (Rebuilt & Refinished)
FINISH: Satin Ebony – Victorian Legs
SERIAL: 10026
PRICE: $18,900

This piano is a rare vintage Bösendorfer Grand Piano 168 cm (5’-6”), satin ebony finish; built in 1885. It was completely rebuilt and refinished about 15 years ago. This model would have preceded the Bösendorfer model 170 which was actually designed by Ludwig Bösendorfer himself back in 1908 and is still in production today. If you are looking for the ultimate parlor grand piano for your home that combines historic charm, playability and beauty, this is it.

The original Viennese action on this piano was replaced with a modern grand action, a considerable and costly upgrade which vastly improves the touch and response of the instrument. The soundboard, bridgework, plate, and case were all refinished, and new strings, hammers, keys, and action were replaced. The piano retains the original pedals and is adorned with the original Victorian style ‘ice cream cone’ legs. As a bonus, this piano has a QRS Pianomation 2000c player piano system installed which we have upgraded to be controlled by iPad to stream piano music from the internet as well as playing files from the built-in CD player.

This piano has a beautiful tone, incredible sustain, and has the feel and response of a wonderful smooth action that is an absolute pleasure to play on. It is in excellent condition and is priced well under the market value of an instrument of this caliber and condition.

Known as “Rolls-Royce of pianos”, Bösendorfer of Vienna, Austria has been building what many consider the finest pianos in the world since 1829. All Bösendorfer instruments are manufactured exclusively in Austria, Wiener Neustadt, and combine three important elements: uncompromising, traditional handcrafting, beauty and the Viennese soul.

Most pianos today are mass produced by automated machinery; the materials and labor used to produce many new pianos today are noticeably inferior in quality and craftsmanship to Bösendorfer pianos. All Bösendorfer pianos are hand-crafted in Austria with the finest materials possible which is why they are considered to be the piano that all other great pianos are measured against.