Bosendorfer 225

Semi-Concert Grand Piano


Bosendorfer 225
Semi-Concert Grand Piano

MAKE: Bösendorfer
Model 225
7′- 4″ Semi-Concert Grand
  2001 (Made in Vienna, Austria)
Used (Original Condition)
High-Polished Ebony

(Current MSRP of a new Bösendorfer Model 225 = $178,999)

Atlantic Music Center is proud to offer you the opportunity to own this unique, beautiful, and powerful work of art.  This beautiful one owner 2001 Bösendorfer Model 225 was recently acquired from an estate in South Florida.  It is evident by the showroom condition of this instrument that it was rarely, if ever, played; it is the closest you can get to a brand-new instrument.  The Bösendorfer Model 225 is considered to be one of the finest semi-concert grand pianos ever produced, and this piano preowned piano offers a tremendous value for the discriminating pianist that insists on only the best.

Gazing at the extra black keys of this Bösendorfer Grand the pianist immediately realizes that this instrument is far from ordinary.  Rather than the standard 88 keys found on most pianos, the Model 225 has 92 keys (down to F0). The extra keys, which are all at the bass end of the keyboard (that is, to the left), are colored black so that the pianist can tell them apart from the normal keys of an 88-key piano. Delicately fragile pianissimo to brilliant fortissimo, this Bösendorfer Grand will sway both performer and the audience – down to the sub-contra F.  These additional bass notes do not only enrich the tonal volume of the instrument, but subsequently paint additional sound colors and open up an orchestral sound spectrum. This unique sonic presence in all registers is the sound basis of the popularity of the Bösendorfer 225 as chamber and solo instrument.

Often referred to as the “Rolls Royce of Pianos,” Bösendorfer’s are hand built in Vienna, Austria to offer unmatched aesthetics, performance, and engineering.  When you purchase a Bösendorfer you don’t just acquire an object, but a multigenerational investment of value that offers unmatched sound; unique in color, dynamics, and expression.

Very similar in principle to a violin the whole body – not exclusively the soundboard – supports sound formation. The actual core of the piano rim consists of a 10 mm quarter-sawn piece that is specially grooved by Bösendorfer’s craftsmen to allow it to be bent to the silhouette around the inner rim. This is unique to Bösendorfer. When a note is played, the integrated spruce components become acoustically active, forming a complete resonating body that allows the whole instrument to project your play. An outstanding richness of tone color and legendary pure and brilliant sound is crafted this way. This complex construction is part of the Viennese tradition of piano making.

Bösendorfer Grands are not just an object of investment but of value that will last more than one generation. Bösendorfer’s skilled Artisans reveal the inner beauty of the sound, unique in color, dynamics and expression not found in any other piano. Perfected throughout generations. It takes dedication and hard work for up to a year to build your Bösendorfer Grand. A personal touch that you will sense the moment you play. Austrian quality, Viennese soul.

Uncompromising traditional handcrafting, beauty and the Viennese soul. Made in Austria for close to two centuries, since 1828. The sole limitation of your Bösendorfer Grand is its surrounding. Everything else is taken care of. These instruments will unveil the fine nuances of the music you play – key by key, yet unseen and unheard.