Kawai CX-21 Upright

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Kawai CX-21 Upright Piano

MAKE: Kawai
SIZE: 48”
YEAR: 1997
High Polished White
SERIAL: 2302897

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The Kawai CX-21 Upright Piano was Kawai’s medium priced 48” upright manufactured in the 1990’ and early 2000’s.  It was priced just below the NS20A and its successor the K50 Kawai.  At 48” in height, it produces a great sounding bass, responsive action, and a satisfying tone that competes favorably with most of the better made studio pianos.  The quality of design, materials, and craftsmanship is evident whenever considering a Kawai piano.  Both Yamaha and Kawai are Japanese owned companies that have for over a century produced the best pianos made in East Asia which includes Japan, Korea, China, and Indonesia.  Kawai is on par with Yamaha in terms of construction quality and tonal quality.  The two companies are as close in quality and products as any two piano companies could be, and are a top choice when considering either a new or used piano that will provide years of service and high resale value.

Built in Japan, this piano features a great sounding bass and a beautiful clear and rich overall tone that will satisfy students, beginners, and advanced players alike, and it has a very responsive keyboard that is a real pleasure to perform on.  From classical to jazz to popular music, this piano is versatile enough to cover the spectrum, and would be a perfect choice for any home or studio.

This piano has been inspected and all components returned to perfect working condition.  We detailed the piano inside and out, installed a new bottom board, regulated the action, and tuned the piano to concert pitch.  It includes a practice felt which allows the sound level of the piano to be muted, a feature that family members and others may sometimes appreciate.  Whether you are a beginner, or accomplished pianist, this is a piano that offers incredible value, and will provide years of worry-free service at an unbeatable price.

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