Kawai KG2

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Kawai KG2 Grand Piano

 MAKE: Kawai
5’-10” Baby Grand Piano
  Satin Walnut

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(List Price for a comparable New Kawai Model GX2)= MSRP $43,095.)

Kawai’s KG Series pianos (manufactured 1970’s – 1980’s) are equivalent to the current GX-series Kawai grands which are Kawai’s top of the line pianos.  The KG Series were Kawai’s better quality pianos and were built at the original Kawai factory in Hamamatsu, Japan.  They are known to be comparable in quality and price to Yamaha’s C-Series pianos, both which are known for their quality, reliability, and durability and suitability for home as well as institutional use.

This Kawai KG2 was inspected, detailed, and tuned in our shop.  The piano is in very good condition overall and needed little to no repairs or replacement of parts.  We voiced the hammers and regulated the action to ensure that the tone and touch are in top condition for sound and performance.

Kawai KG-2 pianos are the perfect size for the home or room that can accommodate a mid to full-sized grand in the six-foot range.  The power and quality of sound as one moves from a smaller baby grand to a piano in this size range is both substantial and noticeable, and a KG-2 is the perfect fit for the serious pianist that can appreciate the difference.

Similar to the Yamaha C-2 in many ways, the Kawai KG-2 is about three inches longer.  Generally speaking, the Kawai has a slightly heavier touch to the action, a characteristic some pianists may prefer, and the keyboards are incredibly responsive allowing the pianist a high degree of control.

We are always pleased to have one of these very popular models on our showroom floor and they don’t last long as they are in high demand when in great condition like this one is.  If you are looking for an incredible value, this piano has more than enough to offer and you can rest assured that you will be purchasing it from a company that is dedicated to quality, integrity, and service.