Schimmel C120 Upright


Schimmel C120 Upright Piano

MAKE: Schimmel
 47” Studio Upright
  1988 (Made in Germany)
  High Polished Ebony
SERIAL: 273923

In Stock on our Florida Showroom – Inspected, Serviced, and Performance Ready

We just acquired this beautiful classic C120 Schimmel 47” studio piano built in 1988 at the Schimmel factory in Germany.  It has been thoroughly inspected and serviced by our shop technicians and is being offered in top playing condition.  Known for the “European Sound,” Schimmel pianos have a clear, bell-like singing tone with beautiful sustain; the perfect piano for those that love the Romantic and Impressionistic styles. This Model C120 has a deep, sonorous bass and a very cello-like quality in the upper bass range with a long, lush sustain.  The action is smooth, precise, and easy to perform on with a medium touch and quick response.  The piano includes a practice felt which allows the performer to practice quietly when required, and a matching artist bench.

These pianos are noted for their tuning stability which may partially be attributed to Schimmels Original Duo System, a cast iron back plate system designed to replace the conventional wooden back posts found on other pianos which are designed to strengthen the cabinet and support the tremendous tension that the strings place upon the frame and cast-iron plate assembly.  It is evident by the quality of the design and materials used in the construction of this piano that it was built to last.

The C120 is a professional studio model, designed for both home and institutional use. It is suitable for players of all levels and an excellent studio piano for school and institutional use. The Schimmel cabinets are tastefully understated with a classic elegance to their design. This piano was well maintained and in excellent condition.

  • Handcrafted in Germany
  • Elegant cabinet in excellent condition
  • Professionally inspected and serviced
  • Adjustable concert artist bench included

A Brief History of Schimmel Pianos

Schimmel is a venerable and well-respected German piano maker with factories in Braunschweig, Germany, and Kalisz, Poland.  Schimmel Pianos is known for producing “Made in Germany” instruments of very high quality.  Their product line has been described as “the most highly awarded German piano”.

The Schimmel Piano Company has been making pianos in Germany since 1885, when Wilhelm Schimmel, at the age of 30, founded Hof-Pianofortefabrik Wilhelm Schimmel in Leipzig, Germany. The company started in a small workshop near Leipzig and enjoyed rapid growth.  Following years of further growth, in 1958 Schimmel became the bestselling resident German upright piano manufacturer in the world. Four generations of the Schimmel family have since managed and grown the family-owned business. One of Europe’s most prolific piano makers, Schimmel makes about 2,500 verticals and 500 grand pianos per year.

Over its history, the company has made an impact on the piano industry with new inventions and innovative designs.  The company has managed to maintain a large portion of its production manufacturing both traditional and cutting-edge designs of their German-made pianos (Schimmel ‘Konzert’ and ‘Classic’ Series) while also offering a line of their high quality European manufactured pianos (Wilhelm Schimmel Series) and a line of entry-level pianos (Fridolin Schimmel) designed for the Asian market.

The Schimmel Collections

As well as the Classic (C) collection, the Schimmel product line consists of four other ranges of grands and uprights:

Konzert (K), flagship models, made in Germany

Wilhelm Schimmel (W), entry-level models, made in Kalisz, Poland

Fridolin Schimmel (F), based on Schimmel designs, made in China by Pearl River

Schimmel Meisterstücke (Masterpiece), iconic designs from the past 130 years.

Schimmel also has an Art-Collection series, which includes the spectacular K208 Pegasus grand piano.

Atlantic Music Center is proud to be the exclusive Authorized Schimmel Piano Retailer for the State of Florida.  We carry a wide selection of new and pre-owned Schimmel pianos from their consoles and uprights to their mighty 9’-2” Schimmel K280T Concert Grand in-stock on our showroom floor in Florida.