Schimmel C123


Schimmel C123 (Silent) Vertical

MAKE: Schimmel
MODEL: C123 – TwinTone™
49” Studio Upright w/ TwinTone™ Silent System
  New (Made in Germany)
High Polished Ebony
MSRP= $33,740 (Call for pricing) In-Stock!

The optional Schimmel TwinTone™ Silent System was designed by Schimmel to be incorporated into any of their new upright pianos from each of their four lines (Fridolin, Wilhelm, Classic, and Konzert Series).  The system is available as a factory installation, and Schimmel has specifically designed this system so the TwinTone™ system can also be installed in these models by an authorized Schimmel dealer as a retrofit after purchase.

The  TwinTone™ Silent System enables the acoustic (real) piano to instantly be transformed into a digital piano that the player can control and listen to with headphones. As an acoustic instrument, the hammers of the piano are still striking strings to produce a sound and therefore the player retains the benefit of playing a real acoustic piano, however, pianos with the TwinTone™ silent system also have a digital component that simply allows players the option to switch to a digital sound for “silent playing” via headphones.

This flexibility allows the player to perform in silence whenever desired and to record performances digitally for future playback and editing.  The added flexibility of the innovative TwinTone™ silent system makes it the ideal instrument for busy and demanding musicians wanting to practice or record without disturbing others, and is also a great feature for families with young children taking lessons.

The piano samples used to create the sounds for the TwinTone™ silent system were created using a meticulous recording process featuring Schimmel’s new 9’-2” K230 Concert Grand and the ever-popular Konzert upright K122E.  Additional sounds include 3 electric pianos, 1 harpsichord, 3 organs, and 2 string sections (strings can be combined with piano sounds).

The main features of the new TwinTone™ system are:

  • Integrated touchscreen
  • Piano sounds – High-quality samples of both of their Schimmel Konzert grand piano K230 and the ever-popular Konzert upright K122E.
  • Additional sounds 3 x electric piano, 1 x harpsichord, 3 x organ, 2 x strings (strings can be combined with piano sounds)
  • Integrated recording function and storage on microSD card
  • Polyphony max. 256 (mono)
  • 4 storage places for individual settings, storage security
  • Display brightness, energy-saving mode (eco-mode)
  • Optical sensors underneath the keys precisely catch every movement for a responsive sound
  • MIDI (out) – compatible with external MIDI-devices via DiN 5-interface
  • Effects – reverb, chorus, dynamics, equalizer, loudness of combined strings, damper characteristics
  • Adjustable volume limitation (e.g. for protecting children from high volume)
  • Quick and fine-tuning adjustable (cent and Hz)
  • Integrated Metronome – timing, tempo, bell, volume
  • Retrofitting capability


  • MIDI-OUT DiN-5 adapter
  • USP-Device MIDI-IN/OUT
  • SD-Card MicroSD-Slot
  • Headphone terminals (2) 3,5 mm stereo jack
  • AUX-IN 3,5 mm stereo jack
  • AUX-OUT 3,5 mm stereo jack
  • USB for service purposes only

Each Schimmel TwinTone™ silent upright piano is supplied with a pair of high-end Audio Tech stereo headphones.

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