Schimmel K230

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Schimmel K230 Grand Piano

MAKE: Schimmel
7’-6” Semi-Concert Grand
  New (Built in Germany)
High Polished Ebony
MSRP= 98,820 (Call for Special Pricing)

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The K230 has received rave reviews from a number of music critics. Mathieu Papadiamandis from Le Monde de la Musique, reviewed the K230 Tradition and stated:

“The overall tone of the instrument is rich and extremely well-balanced. All tonal registers are convincing in their individual characteristics: the treble range is clear and brilliant with ho hint of aggressiveness. The medium range displays a wide palette of tonal color which opens natural melodic possibilities. The bass range has a pleasant and open tonal colour with excellent power reserves. The action is faultless. Despite the somewhat light touch which enables a good tonal control, the repetition is excellent. The tonal power of this model must also be highlighted. The extraordinary width of its soundboard doubtlessly plays a prominent role here.”

Pythagoras of Samos is said to have asserted that ‘Everything is related to numbers.’ In ancient times, he experimented on a one-stringed instrument to discover the ratio between notes and numbers. This interrelationship is still relevant today for the constructors at Schimmel: for example, when they calculate and develop the cast-iron plates for specific instruments according to stability and acoustic criteria. Nowadays, they employ high-tech software for this purpose which is also utilized in the aircraft construction industry. The almost 1000 computer-controlled precision bore holes in the sounding body alone guarantee a fitting accuracy to a micron exact degree in the acoustic element of the piano. This is precision work which makes a major contribution to the consummate sound of our upright and grand pianos.

Features include:

  • Concert grand piano action
  • Enlarged soundboard
  • The ideal soundboard wood – exclusive to Schimmel
  • Full size concert grand piano scale
  • Triplex Scale
  • Key tops made of mineral material and ebony wood
  • Most played German piano
  • Dynamic bar
  • Mass reduced bridge
  • Adjustable gliders
  • Most highly awarded