Steinway 1098 (1961)

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STEINWAY 1098 (1961)

MAKE: Steinway & Sons
MODEL: 1098
SIZE: 46.5” Studio Upright
YEAR: 1961 (Made in USA)
CONDITION: Used (AMC Reconditioned)
FINISH: Matte Black
SERIAL: 370962
PRICE: $13,200

Manufactured at Steinway’s factory in New York in 1961, this hand-crafted piano was designed and manufactured with quality parts by Steinway’s highly skilled craftsmen and technicians. This Steinway model 1098 (46.5” in height) would be the perfect choice for either home or institutional use. It is one of the most solidly built studio uprights you are likely to find when looking for a piano in this category. We just refinished the beautiful cabinet on this piano in an elegant matte black finish (bench included). The piano plays and sounds fantastic with the characteristic deep resounding Steinway bass and rich, full overtones that these pianos are known for. Besides being inspected, detailed, and tuned, we reconditioned this piano by installing  brand new high-quality Renner Bluepoint Hammers.  We also replaced the keytops, damper felts and key bushings, voiced the hammers and regulated the action.

Steinway’s “Professional” 1098 upright is one of the most popular vertical pianos ever produced by this venerable American piano manufacturer. This model has been widely used in the most demanding institutional settings for many decades. Steinway’s patented Accelerated Action incorporated into the design of this piano is amazingly responsive, due in part to a unique design feature that uses the force of gravity to bring the hammers back to their rest position, an exclusive feature found only in Steinway vertical pianos. The massive and strategically placed back posts on this model ensure the structural integrity of the instrument by handling the tremendous tension with complete efficiency. For many years the model 1098 has been popular in conservatories and schools of music, houses of worship, and practice studios. Considering its design and construction it is more than well suited for home use and will provide worry free service and pleasure for many years to come.

46 1/2″ (118 cm)
58 3/8″ (148 cm)
25″ (64 cm)
480 pounds (218 kg)