Steinway XR (M) Grand

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Steinway XR (M) Grand Piano

MAKE: Steinway & Sons
SIZE: 6’-2” Grand Piano
YEAR: 1926 (Made in USA)
FINISH: Satin American Walnut
SERIAL: 241435
PRICE: $12,740

In the 1920’s, player pianos were extremely popular and many piano manufacturers, including Steinway, produced models that incorporated a player mechanism inside the cabinet. The Steinway XR is basically a M scale stretched to 6’2″ to accommodate the reproducing player that originally came with these pianos. Very few have survived with the original player system and most Steinway XR’s, like this one, have had the player system removed over the years.

The main difference between the XR (6’-2”) and the Model M (5’-7’) is the length of the cabinet towards the front of the piano, double braced legs on the front, and longer length of the keys (the portion inside the piano case that is unseen). The touch is just a little on the heavy side but quite responsive, the tonal quality is very rich and warm throughout all of the registers, and the piano has a very smooth and mellow sound overall.

The cabinet on this 1926 Steinway Grand is finished in a gorgeous satin American walnut, and the original matching bench is included. Both are in very good condition, and aesthetically the piano would make a wonderful addition to any fine home. We have performed a substantial amount of refurbishing to the piano including the installation of brand new high quality Mapes strings, new tuning pins, new damper felts, and new hammers, shanks, and flanges. The piano has been tuned, the new hammers have been voiced, and the action has been regulated by our shop technicians. The piano has been thoroughly inspected, detailed, and all brass and metalwork have been shined to a high polish.

When you consider the fact that a new Steinway Model M lists for over $80K, it is evident that for a fraction of the cost, this piano offers substantial value and an excellent opportunity to own a vintage Steinway that not only looks great but has also been returned to fine playing condition.