Yamaha C1

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Yamaha C1 Baby Grand Piano

MAKE: Yamaha
 5’-3” Baby Grand
 High Polished Mahogany

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 (List Price for a New Yamaha Model C1X = MSRP $37,999.)

This Yamaha model C1 baby grand piano looks, sounds, and plays like a brand-new piano.  It is one of Yamaha’s Conservatory Series pianos manufactured in Yamaha’s renowned grand piano factory in Hamamatsu, Japan. The Conservatory Series has long been considered to be premium quality instruments designed for both durability and performance and suitable for both home and institutional use.  They are in service in thousands of music schools around the world because they are known to be extraordinarily reliable, durable, and able to bear long hours of playing and practicing every day.

We received this piano in excellent condition.  It is a great sounding baby grand (5’-3”) and has been well maintained and serviced over the years which contributes significantly to tuning stability over the life of instrument.  The action is extremely responsive and comfortable to play on and the tone and power are comparable to much larger sized pianos.  At 5’-3” in length, it fits comfortably in any room and is one of the most desirable used baby grands that Yamaha manufactures.  The deep rich polished mahogany finish on this piano is of exceptional quality and is absolutely one of the most beautiful polished mahogany finishes available on any piano made today.

The strings, hammers, damper felts, soundboard, action, and piano case are all in excellent condition.  The hammers have been voiced and the action has been regulated.  The piano has been inspected, detailed, tuned by our shop, and it comes with matching bench.

If you are looking for a preowned Yamaha C1 piano, this piano offers incredible value for the price and in a condition that insures that you will receive many years of service before any parts need replacement.