Yamaha CF Concert


Yamaha CF Concert Grand

MAKE: Yamaha
SIZE: 9’-0” Concert Grand Piano
YEAR: 1980
CONDITION: Used (Original Condition)
FINISH: High Polished Ebony
SERIAL: 3130400
PRICE: $42,500

In the world of concert grands, few pianos have attained the praise and popularity enjoyed by the CF series manufactured by Yamaha. This well-deserved reputation is evident in the magnificent sound that emanates from this incredible Yamaha CF 9’ Concert Grand manufactured in 1980. We received this piano in excellent condition and upon inspection determined that it only required a thorough detailing and polishing of the case, voicing of the hammers, and regulation of the action. The strings and hammers are in great shape, the action is fast and tight, and it sounds absolutely fantastic. Much like a fine wine, this piano has aged perfectly; it is at the point where it just sounds right at every register. You will find it to be extremely well balanced, responsive, powerful, and very comfortable and enjoyable to play.

In November 1967, the Yamaha CF concert grand piano was unveiled and was immediately hailed by world class concert pianists as one of the top pianos in the world. The Russian maestro Sviatoslav Richter performed on and praised Yamaha pianos from that point on, marking the beginning of a very long-lasting relationship with Yamaha that would endure for the remainder of his life.

The legendary pianist, Glen Gould purchased two CFs in 1980 (the same year that this piano was manufactured!). He performed on them on the last three albums he recorded before his tragic and early death at the age of 50 in 1982. This includes his second reading of J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations, which is now regarded as an all-time classic.

A new 9 foot Yamaha concert grand piano currently lists for nearly $186,000. At $42,500., this Yamaha CF Concert Grand manufactured in 1980 at Yamaha’s state-of-the-art factory in Hamamatsu, Japan is a tremendous value and an excellent choice for any concert stage, conservatory, and house of worship, recording studio, or other institutional venues.