Yamaha GB1K

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Yamaha GB1K Baby Grand Piano

MAKE: Yamaha
GB1K Baby Grand
SIZE: 5’-0”
High Polished Ebony
SERIAL: J3892460
PRICE: MSRP= $15,799 (Please Call for Special Pricing)

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Brand New Yamaha GB1K Baby Grand – In Stock

We just received this brand new Yamaha GB1K Baby Grand in High Polished Ebony.  It is in stock and on our showroom in Florida.  The Model GB1K is considered to be the best 5’-0” Baby Grand available on the market today.

In 2009, Yamaha introduced their current entry-level baby grand, the model GB1K.  The GB1K has been in production for over a decade now and is Yamaha’s smallest grand piano at only 5′ in length.  Despite its diminutive size, there appears to be no obvious compromises in the quality and richness of sound.  Combined with an exceptionally responsive action that Yamaha is so well-known for, this piano has earned its reputation as a rock-solid choice for those seeking a brand-new baby grand piano that offers incredible value and is economically priced.

Retail price starts at just over 15K for a new Yamaha GB1K in polished ebony, and at that price it is definitely a winner for many reasons.  It is a terrific starter piano that’s surprisingly affordable with great appeal to both decorators and design-conscious buyers.


Among the impressive build quality features of the GB1K stated by Yamaha are its advanced scale design, solid spruce soundboard and ribs, solid maple bridge and caps, solid copper wound bass strings and aluminum alloy action rails. In addition, the model offers Yamaha’s balanced action, solid spruce keys with hardwood buttons, premium Yamaha designed hammers with T-fasteners, a reinforced key-frame pin with an adjustable guide and a hardwood reinforced key-frame.  Yamaha GB1K’s are manufactured at their piano manufacturing facility in Jakarta, one of Yamaha’s six musical instrument production facilities located in Indonesia.  Because these factories are 100% owned and operated by Yamaha, the company is able to maintain its high standards of quality while remaining competitive with entry-level pianos produced by other manufacturers.

The build quality of the GB1K is superior to other brands in this category and that these pianos are extremely stable instruments when it comes to tunings.  The consensus seems to be that the GBK1 is the best entry-level baby grand that Yamaha has produced in decades and that it is at the top of the list for pianos in this category.


As far as playability goes, we really like the action on this model; it feels great, and it responds to fast repetitions and complex arpeggios with ease.  If you have ever played Yamaha pianos and have been impressed by the ease and response of their keyboards, you most certainly will not be disappointed.

These pianos come from the factory fully-regulated and ready to perform with little or no additional preparation by the dealer before placement on the showroom floor.  Entry-level pianos from other companies often require a substantial amount of regulation of the action and voicing of the hammers in order to sound as good as a brand-new piano straight from the factory should sound and play.  This does not seem to be an issue with Yamaha GB1K pianos as Yamaha’s reputation for maintaining quality and consistency carries over to even their most inexpensive models like the GBK1.


Besides playability, the other most important factor when judging a piano is its sound.  The Yamaha GBK1 has a surprising amount of power for a small baby grand and the tone is pure, rich, and pleasing, as well.  The overall sound is substantially better, warmer (not quite as bright), well-balanced, and more expressive than previous entry-level Yamaha grands such as the GH1 and GA1 (both discontinued).  The transition from the treble to bass strings is also much improved over previous models.  These improvements helped bring the entry level GB1K much closer to the next level offered in Yamaha’s lineup, the 5’-3” GC1, which lists for about 10K more than the GB1K.

The fit and finish of the structural components on Yamaha pianos are excellent and the finish on their cases are always impeccable.  These are just several of the reasons why Yamaha pianos are always in-demand and retain higher resale values.  We never hesitate to recommend these models for home and practice studio use to professional musicians, composers, and pianists of all levels.

It should be mentioned that the Yamaha GBK1 is also available in two models of the Yamaha Disklavier Enspire Player Pianos, the DGBK1 ENCL (playback only) and the DGBK1 ENST.  The record version (DGBK1 ENST) also includes Yamaha’s ‘Silent Piano’ feature which allows quiet playback and performance from an acoustic piano by engaging a mechanism that prevents the hammers from actually striking the strings and instead activating a high quality digital piano sound audible through headphones.