Yamaha M450 TC Upright


Yamaha M450T Upright Piano

MAKE: Yamaha
 44” Console
  2000 (Manufactured in USA)
 Satin Mahogany

Yamaha’s M300 and M400 series console pianos were 43” uprights manufactured from the 1980’s through the mid 2000’s.  Both series were widely considered to be among the best used console pianos on the market, especially if you can find one in excellent condition.  The M400 series featured a higher level of cabinetry than the M300 series.

This piano was manufactured in the USA at Yamaha’s Thomaston Georgia factory (which closed in 2007); the wood used in the cabinetry is American Mahogany, hand -crafted by skilled American craftsmen, and all final assembly and regulation was performed in the USA.  These pianos were well designed, well built, and well-respected in the industry for their great tone, tuning stability, and great value for the price.  The action on this piano is easy to play, quick and responsive, and the tone is rich and full. It comes with the original matching bench.

This piano is in excellent condition and shows little to no wear whatsoever on the cabinet, keyboard, or action.  It has received a detailed inspection, thorough cleaning and detailing including polishing of all metal and brass work, complete keyboard regulation, full action regulation, and a concert pitch A440 tuning.  It would make a fine addition to any home and the styling and upgraded cabinetry made especially for the home is sure to compliment any room or setting.

Yamaha’s build quality places them among the best piano manufacturers in the world, and the M400 series is one of the best models in its class. This piano is equipped with a mute rail for quiet practice, and has the bright, crisp tone and impressive build quality one expects from a Yamaha piano.