Yamaha U1 Upright


Yamaha U1 Studio Upright Piano

MAKE: Yamaha
SIZE: 48”
High Polished Ebony
PRICE: $5,870.

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For over fifty years, Yamaha has been manufacturing the Yamaha U1 studio upright piano.  This 100% Japanese built model was introduced by Yamaha back in the 1960’s and quickly became one of the most popular studio pianos in the world.  The U1’s well deserved reputation for delivering quality and consistency in manufacturing and big sound at an affordable price has earned this model its place as one of the best studio uprights ever built.  Still built in Japan, the Model U1 continues to be manufactured with the same high quality standards, which helps account for their higher resale value.

From the factory, the Yamaha U1 has a characteristically brighter sound than you might find from pianos in this size range made by other manufacturers.  This, of course, can be modified by voicing the hammers to produce a mellower sound, however many students and performers covet the brighter attack of the U1 along with the signature clear sound and tone it produces.  These pianos are well built and durable.  They are also known for their tuning stability and serviceability. This is why the Model U1 is a favorite of Schools, Universities, and Houses of Worship around the world, and a top choice for a serious piano for the home.

This Yamaha U1 piano is in exceptional condition.  It has been thoroughly reconditioned by our shop technicians and the piano has been returned to like-new condition.  Contact us for a detailed description of all work performed, or if you have a question about any of our AMC Rebuilt Pianos, reconditioned and refurbished pianos.  We are the largest rebuilder of pianos in the Southeast and have been in business in Melbourne, Florida for over 30 years.