Found on concert stages and in the homes of top performers the world over, Steinway has a reputation for crafting quality instruments that stand the test of time.  Easily recognized for their uniquely mellow tone with rich harmonics, Steinways can be heard on many of the most influential piano records since the dawn of recording technology.  Atlantic Music Center is proud to provide pre-owned and AMC certified rebuilt Steinways meticulously prepared by our expert piano technicians to our customers worldwide.

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What is it that you don’t already know about Steinway?   Of course this world renowned instrument has delighted thousands, if not millions of piano enthusiasts for over one hundred and sixty years.  Henry Engelhard Steinway immigrated to America from Germany in the 1850’s and  soon began one of the most illustrious piano building legacies ever known to the modern music world.

It’s hard to imagine today but at one time the factory was on New York’s Fifth Avenue.   The factory then moved to Long Island where, after many generations, it still produces pianos today, giving proof to the value and incredible abilities of the artisans and master craftsmen that have built these instruments.

“The Tradition Continues…”

One should note that most concert stages in America, and throughout the world, are home to Steinway grands and concert grand pianos.  There is a lot of history.  In America during the early years of piano manufacturing, the Steinway family would bring artists from the ‘old world’ (mostly Europe), put them on a train with a Steinway piano, and they would perform in towns along the railroad routes.   People would come from miles around to see these artists and these wonderful concert events.

Needless to say the name Steinway became a household word to all those that enjoyed music of that day.

Of course the tradition continues.  Atlantic Music Center prides itself in being the largest rebuilder of Steinway pianos in the South East.  Our own artisans and master craftsmen bring the life back to many Steinways that were originally built during the ‘Golden Age’ of piano building.  From just replacing the strings to completely restoring all of the action parts and case refinishing, we do it all.  We insist on complete satisfaction for our customers when buying these timeless masterpieces.   We always have several models and finishes  in stock and ready to play.

Even though our showroom is in central Florida, we invite you, wherever you are, to visit us.  We always maintain a superb collection of these instruments in stock and offer shipping worldwide.

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