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No instrument can match the incredible versatility of the trumpet.  Jamie’s Trumpet Gallery features the finest professional trumpets in the world made for Jazz music and we encourage you to come to Melbourne Florida to enjoy the opportunity to explore various classic Jazz trumpets.

“After a lifetime of Jazz trumpet experience, I have assembled a high quality gallery of Jazz trumpets for every type of player.”Jamie Younkin

The Mouthpiece

Selecting the proper mouthpiece is a critical step in optimizing your performance.  It is extremely important to remember that each individual player has a unique set of variables that will affect their mouthpiece choice.  A player should never choose a mouthpiece because it works well for someone else!  We encourage players to come to the salon and try a selection of mouthpieces to find what works best for them.

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Jazz Trumpets

While it’s clear that both the trumpet and saxophone have been integral to jazz music’s development, the former instrument has arguably been the more important of the two.  That’s because in jazz, all roads lead back to one man – Louis Armstrong.  Not only one of the best jazz trumpeters of all time, Armstrong was one of the greatest musical improvisers ever and his innovations helped jazz to evolve into what it is today.  As Miles Davis once said: “You can’t play nothing on modern trumpet that doesn’t come from him.”

“You can’t play nothing on modern trumpet that doesn’t come from Louis Armstrong.”Miles Davis

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It takes a special kind of person and a special kind of trumpet…

    Chet Baker

    Born Chesney Henry Baker, on 23 December 1929, in Yale, Oklahoma, Baker was drawn to music at a young age, aided by the fact that he was born into a musical family (his father had once been a professional guitarist and his mother played piano).  A Jack Teagarden fan, his dad bought 14-year-old “Chetty” (as his mum called him) a trombone to play, but it proved too unwieldy for the young man so he swapped it for a trumpet, discovering a natural affinity with the instrument.

    In 1946, when he was 16, Baker joined the US army, where he honed his horn skills playing in military bands.  On leaving the army, in 1951, he set up camp in Los Angeles and started playing in jazz clubs on the West Coast.  He soon started to make a name for himself with a lyrical trumpet sound influenced by Miles Davis and which proved the perfect foil for the more effusive style of saxophonists Stan Getz and Charlie Parker, with whom Baker played in the early 50s.

    ““I don’t believe that jazz will ever really die. It’s a nice way to express yourself.”Chet Baker


    Trumpeter   |   Singer-Songwriter   |   Composer