CVP 709

From professional piano performance to simply discovering the joy of music for the first time, the CVP-709 is truly a family musical entertainment center. It’s the first CVP Clavinova featuring not one, but TWO world-class grand pianos (Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial) inside one digital piano. The Piano Room feature has been expanded to include more pianos and a new Session Mode with a built-in recording studio for capturing and sharing your music. In addition to the NWX (Natural Wood X) keyboard with synthetic ivory keytops, the 88-key Linear Graded Hammer action dedicates a unique weight for each key over the entire keyboard. Each key also features carefully-adjusted counterweights for improved playability when playing pianissimo and better key return in rapid passages. The NWX keyboard also features an escapement mechanism that reproduces the feel of an acoustic piano as it goes through the let-off and drop of the hammer when a key is played very softly. Beyond the CVP-709’s piano performance is a wealth of interactive musical features capable of making music fun for anyone regardless of skill level or experience.

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Improved From Previous Model: CVP-609

  • NWX keyboard action (with escapement) vs. NW (no escapement)
  • Yamaha CFX & Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples
  • Key Counterweights
  • VRM (Virtual Resonance Modeling)
  • 1270 Voices + 37 Drum/SFX Kits (vs. 1140 Voice + 35 Drum/SFX Kits)
  • 600 Styles (vs. 566)
  • Audio Styles
  • 9 Free Play Styles (vs. 7)
  • (30W+30W+20W) x 2 + 40W Amplifiers vs. (30W + 30W) x2 + 80W
  • Spruce Cone Speakers
  • Twisted Flare port
  • Ad-Hoc Networking

Step Ups From Lower Model:

  • 88-key linear graded hammers
  • Counter weights
  • GP Response damper pedal
  • 8.5-inch TFT Color LCD (vs. 7-inch)
  • 1270 Voices + 37 drum/SFX kits (vs. 984 Voices, 33 Drum/SFX kits)
  • Super Articulation 2 Voices
  • 600 Styles (vs. 470)
  • Audio Styles
  • (30W+30W+20W) x 2 + 40W Amplifiers vs. (50W + 20W) x2
  • Spruce Cone Speakers
  • (16cm + 5cm +3cm) x2 +20cm speaker system vs. (16cm + 5cm) x2
  • Twisted Flare port

Step Ups To Higher Model:

  • Grand Piano cabinet design