The beautiful GC2 combines the duplex scaling and rich tonal character of the coveted C2 grand with cost-saving advantages in materials and production to create an instrument that's both exceptionally expressive and uncommonly affordable.

Size: 5'8

Available Finishes: Polished Ebony, Satin Ebony, Polished Mahogany, Polished White, Satin American Walnut

Available Options: Disklavier ENST, Disklavier E3S, SILENT SH

Please call for pricing: (321) 725-5690

Improved From Previous Model: No Previous Model

Step Ups From Lower Model:

  • 5" longer
  • 47 lbs. heavier
  • Max. string length 3.75" longer

Step Ups To Higher Model:

  • X-Series Scale
  • Ivorite White Key Surfaces
  • WPC Black Key Surfaces
  • Lid and Fallboard Lock
  • Vertically Laminated Treble Bridge
  • 3 Lid Prop positions
  • Lid Prop Safety Stop
  • German Piano Wire
  • German Hammer Felt